Tooth Extractions in Crete, Nebraska

Tooth Extractions in Crete, NE

At Precision Dental in Crete, NE, we provide professional tooth extraction services with a focus on patient comfort and safety. Whether it’s due to decay, injury, wisdom teeth, or crowding, our team ensures a smooth, efficient procedure. We prioritize pain management and post-extraction care to enhance your recovery and oral health.

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Tooth Extraction Procedure at Precision Dental in Crete

Tooth extractions can often be considered simple if the tooth can be seen above the gum line. The doctor will make your tooth lose with a special instrument called an elevator. After being sufficiently loosened the tooth will then be pulled out with dental forceps. However, sometimes certain conditions, such as a broken tooth or position under the gumline can complicate the procedure and make it a surgical extraction. This will often require an incision to be made in the gum and allow for better access to ease the tooth out. There are also times that a surgical extraction will entail the tooth being sectioned into pieces and then having each piece removed separately.

A tooth extraction is mostly painless. Local anesthetics allow for sufficient blocking of painful sensations, leaving some slight pressure as the only thing you should notice during the procedure. It is not uncommon to experience some post-operative tenderness or pain depending on how difficult of a tooth it is to be removed. At Precision Dental, we remain with the most up-to-date advances in practices and methods to conduct our treatment to promote rapid healing and minimal discomfort.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Crete, NE

Wisdom tooth extractions are a common procedure at Precision Dental, especially for teens and young adults in Crete, NE. Our experienced team uses careful techniques to minimize discomfort and promote quick healing. We provide thorough guidance on aftercare to ensure a smooth recovery following your wisdom tooth removal. Schedule a consultation today to see if you are a good canidate.

x ray is wisdom teeth in crete nebraska
x ray is wisdom teeth in crete nebraska

Why Do You Have to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed has come a long way over the past several years. It is now a much smoother, and more gentle, and comfortable process for the patient. Hearing you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out should no longer scare you as this is very common and recommended for nearly every individual that currently has theirs. Usually, there is not enough room in the mouth for these 4 extra teeth. The teeth next to the site the wisdom teeth are coming in or the jaw often interfere with their eruption causing an unhealthy position for these teeth, often known as tooth impaction.

Impacted wisdom teeth put pressure on adjacent teeth and pose difficulty in reaching these areas for cleaning with brushing, flossing, and using the Waterpik. Bacteria will then likely breed resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. This chronic condition increases the risk for systemic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and inflammatory disease.

Though your wisdom teeth may not be bothering you or you feel like you do have enough room in your mouth for these, it’s likely that you are still a great candidate to get them removed as these teeth provide greater difficulty for adequate and successful treatment if they were to need something like a filling, crown, or root canal in the future, leading to more of a pain and annoyance than a simple removal.

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Don’t wait until your wisdom teeth cause you discomfort! Often by the time your wisdom teeth begin to have an annoying presence, they have already developed strong roots making for a possibly more difficult surgery.

We perform wisdom teeth removal at Precision Dental, but when it comes to more complicated wisdom teeth we are in a close network with established oral surgeons with decades of training and experience with wisdom teeth extractions. While we always strive to be full-service for patients our first and main focus is that this is a safe and easy experience for you with a quick and smooth recovery. This is why we won’t take any chances on teeth that would be better handled by those who do this and far more extensive surgical procedures on a daily basis. They will provide you with the option for sedation so that you can have the teeth removed all while enjoying one of the best naps you’ve had in a while. 

Schedule a consultation for an x-ray and exam and we’ll plan your treatment for a quick and easy wisdom teeth removal!

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