Dental Sealants in Crete, Nebraska

Dental Sealants in Crete, NE

Dental sealants are a simple yet effective way to prevent cavities, especially in children. At Precision Dental in Crete, NE, we apply sealants as a quick, painless procedure, forming a protective shield over your teeth’s most vulnerable areas. This preventative measure is an essential part of our comprehensive dental care, helping to maintain oral health for years to come.

boy getting dental sealant at precision dental
girl getting dental sealant at precision dental

What is a Dental (Tooth) Sealant?

A sealant is a protective varnish that is placed in the deep grooves of your back teeth in order to protect them from bacteria harboring in there and causing decay. It is encouraged that all adults and children have their back teeth properly sealed. Adults are just as prone to tooth decay as children are, making this inexpensive procedure a great choice for preventing future and more expensive problems. 

Most insurance companies will reimburse for sealants placed on permanent molars in patients who are under the age of 14. There is also a great chance that health savings accounts and flex-spending accounts will reimburse for this procedure. We will happily do a benefits check to see if your insurance will cover your expenses.

What is the Process of Applying Sealants?

The process of applying dental sealants is quick and comfortable. Our skilled team cleans and prepares your teeth before applying the sealant material, which then hardens to form a protective barrier against decay.

man getting dental sealant at precision dental