Periodontal Treatment in Crete, Nebraska

Treatment for Periodontitis in Crete, NE

Precision Dental in Crete, NE, provides specialized treatment for periodontitis, a common yet serious gum condition. Our approach focuses on halting the progression of the disease and restoring gum health, using the latest methods and technologies. We are committed to offering effective, personalized care to improve your oral health and overall well-being.

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What Causes Gum Disease?

Over half of the adult population has been diagnosed with gum disease, otherwise known as periodontitis. This stems from bacteria gathering in the gum tissues that surround and maintain the teeth. This causes inflammation of these tissues which can become visible as a red-ish collar for the tooth. This inflammation makes for easy bleeding of the gums. Over time, as this bacteria remains it begins to cause the bone supporting the teeth to deteriorate. This can lead to the mobility of teeth and, therefore, a poorer prognosis for their health and stability.

Additionally, this inflammation of the gums can have an effect on the overall health of the body. Research is showing that inflammation anywhere in the body can be a root cause of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, poor pregnancy outcomes, infertility, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Making efforts to reduce systemic inflammation can reduce the risk of disease, reduce the severity of current diseases one might have, and in some cases even reverse the disease.

What to Do If Your Mouth is in an Unhealthy State

If your mouth is currently in an unhealthy state, then you are at an increased risk for systemic disease. The chances of this can be decreased if you achieve healthier oral conditions and alleviate the inflammation that is present. At Precision Dental, our hygienists have the proper tools and training to achieve this optimal dental health and help dissipate your worries about the systemic disease.

If you are like over half of the adult population and have been told you have gum disease, there is a minimally invasive, non-surgical option we offer for treatment. However, if cases are more complex and require surgery we have strong connections with Periodontal specialists that have the focus and expertise in these cases.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Gum Disease in Crete, NE

The first-line approach to treating gum disease is a specific type of cleaning called “scaling and root planing.” This entails an ultrasonic cleaning device that gives a higher-powered flush to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth where normal cleaning instruments cannot reach like under the gumline on the tooth and around the root. The planning portion of this treatment consists of smoothing the root surface making it smooth and healthy for easy reattachment of the gum tissues to the tooth. 

Occasionally scaling and root planning are not quite sufficient enough to completely eradicate the accumulations of bacteria between the teeth and gums. This is when we apply a topical antibiotic to the gums that quickly dries, dissolves, and bathes the gums in medicine for approximately a week. Overwhelming evidence shows that this eliminates bacteria deep within the pockets while also shrinking them.

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