General Dentistry in Crete, Nebraska

General Dental Care in Crete, NE

At Precision Dental in Crete, NE, we take care of all your dental needs. Our team offers everything from regular teeth cleanings to fixing cavities, making sure you get the best care. We use modern methods and really listen to what you need, so every visit helps keep your teeth healthy and you happy. Learn more about our General Dentistry services below and book an appointment online today!

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Routine Teeth Cleaning and Prevention – What Your Visit Entails

The health of your mouth needs to be treated and cared for at the same level as the rest of your body as it provides vital functions and appearance to your body as a whole. Attending a routine dental cleaning and check-up will entail: 

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Your Dentist will exam each of your teeth, gums, and the rest of the oral cavity.

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Your Dentist will perform an oral cancer screening.

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A set of x-rays will be taken yearly to monitor bone and other unseen areas by clinical assesment.

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Your teeth will then be cleaned and polished by a hygienist. If necessary, Dr. Dierks will then discuss a plan to determine further treatment routes.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Cleaning and Prevention?

Assessment of Your Gums: Your hygienist will measure and monitor values regarding the quality of the gums and bones that your teeth are set in. 

Dental X-Rays: It is likely that every 4 years you receive a single x-ray of all of your teeth as well as the other bones of the face. Additionally, once a year you will receive a few select x-rays to monitor, assess, and discover things such as the levels of bone supporting your teeth, cavities between teeth, development issues, positioning of teeth, tumors, infections, and existing dental work to check for any damage and deterioration. 

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing: Your hygienist will bring your teeth to a healthy and clean state by removing tartar and plaque, which are formed over time due to a buildup of plaque. Inflammation of the gum tissues will arise if this is not removed. Finally, a polish will be performed on your teeth helping them to look sleek and clean by removing stains.

Oral Cancer Screening: This will be performed by both your hygienist and dentist to check for any signs on your mouth, tongue, throat, gums, and neck.

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Dr. Dierks - Your Crete, NE Dentist

Leading general dentistry at Precision Dental, Dr. Dierks offers expert dental care in Crete, NE. His approachable style and extensive knowledge in dental health make him a trusted dentist for families, covering everything from check-ups to dental procedures.

Gingivitis Treatment in Crete

As time goes on and plaque is left around the teeth, it creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and accumulate. These bacteria are not kind to the gums and begin to cause inflammation in this area (gingivitis). The gums then appear red and begin to bleed easily with a slight touch. Luckily, this can often be treated with professional cleaning and polishing along with some guidance on more effective brushing.

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What Happens When Gingivitis is Not Treated?

Periodontal Disease

Now when the gingivitis is not treated, the inflammation then begins to work its way down the tooth structure and form a “pocket.” The formation of this pocket is due to the bacteria eating away at the bone around your teeth. Due to the depth of these pockets, it becomes more difficult for cleaning up this bacteria with standard cleaning and good home care. This is when gingivitis turns into periodontitis, or periodontal disease, which is a disease of the bone and structures supporting the teeth. Once this stage has been reached the bone begins to slowly erode, which is noted as periodontal bone loss and may not be recognizable for the patient for quite some time. Waiting too long to address this condition can result in loose teeth and possibly the inability to reverse the process.

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How to Treat Periodontal Disease

When you have periodontitis, you will require a slightly more extensive cleaning, often referred to as scaling and root planning (SRP), which is often completed in two separate appointments. Our hygienists are highly skilled and specialized in providing this treatment, resulting in a notably pleasant experience for you 

When you come in, the pocket depths around your teeth will be measured and the overall severity of the disease will be assessed. Depending on the case, the hygienist will sometimes offer an anesthetic to prevent any subtle discomfort during treatment. The first appointment will likely include cleaning half of your mouth with finishing the second half in a subsequent appointment in order to avoid you having to be in the dental chair for too long. At these appointments, your hygienist will clean the bacteria and tartar off the entire tooth, extending down to the depths of the pockets. Following this, an antimicrobial rinse will sometimes be applied to further rid and flush the remaining bacteria providing reassurance for properly cleaned teeth. 

After completing this deep cleaning, it will be important that we see you return for your regular cleanings every 3-4 months for approximately the first year after scaling and root planning. This helps us to monitor the condition of your teeth and associated bone and maintain its now stabilized and healthy state. Once it is recognized that the disease process has stopped, we will start seeing you every 6 months again for your regular cleanings.

Oral Cancer Screening in Crete, Nebraska

Every year over 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer and that number is only increasing. Oral cancers are more often known for their specific location including mouth, tongue, throat, or neck cancers.

Tobacco and alcohol use is one of the known causes of oral cancer, however, Human Papillomavirus 16 (HPV16) has recently erupted as the leading pathway for those under the age of 50. Oral cancers are often not detected until a late stage, which is the reason for the high mortality rate. Discovering cancer early usually leads to a great prognosis with survival rates around 80-90%.

We believe an oral cancer screening is a must to include with every dental exam, for maintaining consistent surveillance for any irregularities. During each of your two cleanings every year, you will receive this from both the dentist and hygienist. Most insurance companies do cover oral cancer screenings. Flex-spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) will also reimburse for this procedure.

If you happen to notice an abnormal ulceration, lump, bump, discoloration, or spot in any area within or around your mouth, head, or neck, please contact our office and schedule an exam as early detection is key!

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