Teeth Whitening in Crete, Nebraska

Professional Teeth Whitening in Crete, NE

Precision Dental in Crete, NE, offers professional teeth whitening services that bring out the natural beauty of your smile. Our advanced whitening techniques ensure safe and effective results, brightening your teeth several shades. Trust us to provide a convenient and reliable solution to achieve that dazzling smile you desire.

teeth whitening woman smiling with white teeth
man at precision dental smiling after teeth whitening treatment

What's the Difference Between Teeth Whitening, and Teeth Bleaching?

As one of the most popular, quickest, and more affordable cosmetic dental procedures, it’s important to note that there is a difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Whitening produces a result by polishing away stains caused by foods and beverages. This will bring your teeth to their naturally white stage. Bleaching lightens a tooth from the inside out with the use of peroxide. This makes the entire natural tooth whiter. If you’re looking for a deep clean at the root of the cause, schedule an appointment with Precision Dental today!

Teeth Whitening Options at Precision Dental

We offer two convenient teeth whitening options at Precision Dental: in-office treatments and take-home trays. Our in-office whitening provides quick, dramatic results under professional supervision, perfect for those who want instant improvement. Alternatively, our custom take-home trays offer flexibility and comfort, allowing you to gradually whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home. Both options use high-quality materials to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

woman smiling with white teeth after whitening at precision dental

In-Office Teeth Whitening in Crete, Nebraska

For a more immediate quality result, we provide an in-office option that uses a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel that is quickly absorbed into the teeth. At this appointment, we’ll place protective barriers and coatings on your lips, cheeks, and gums to make sure the peroxide only contacts your teeth. Your teeth will become up to 8 shades whiter after 2-3 application cycles of the gel – all in less than an hour!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Trays Available in Crete

An option for whitening that patients are often more familiar with is the fabrication of trays specific to your teeth. Impressions will be taken of your top and bottom teeth allowing us to make models where we will design a clear tray that fit perfectly for your teeth. You will then take home your trays with several syringes of whitening gel to place into your tray. At home, you will place the gel in the trays and wear them for 30 minutes to an hour each day for the entire course of treatment.

After obtaining your trays, you most likely will not need to go through the process of getting another set. However, if you’re wanting to go through another course of whitening treatment then you will simply swing by the office and pick up a few more gel syringes!

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

While nearly everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening or bleaching, some teeth such as those with tetracycline staining are more resistant to whitening treatment. However, it may require more long-term treatment, but these teeth will still whiten to some degree. If the discoloration of your teeth doesn’t allow you to be a candidate for whitening, porcelain veneers are a great next choice for giving you a bright and beautiful customized smile.

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