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Children’s Dentistry – Caring for your Favorite Smiles

Healthy and beautiful teeth later in life are heavily influenced by the maintenance and care that is provided to them when they are in their earliest years. Even safely managing the baby teeth that are only present for a brief few years is key to healthy teeth requiring little to no major fixes in the adult teeth that we hope to keep around for the rest of our lives. 

Simply put, the care entails incorporating and promoting good oral hygiene habits at home and maintaining regular dental checkups and cleanings with fluoride application. At Precision Dental in Crete, Nebraska, we acknowledge these critical years and make every effort to provide a complete array of preventative services to protect against tooth decay, gum disease, and dental emergencies. Contact us to schedule an appointment with an experienced children’s dentist today!

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Pediatric Checkups and Teeth Cleaning in Crete, NE

Just like adults, it is necessary for your child to attend a routine dental checkup and cleaning every 6 months. During these younger years, kids teeth are often going through different stages of development and change, so it is important to keep a close eye on any issues that could cause future issues. At each checkup, we will perform an exam to assess for any areas of tooth decay, gingivitis, or misalignments. The hygienist will then clean their teeth of any plaque and tartar, giving them cleaner and healthier teeth and greater peace of mind.

Dental Sealants For Children

One of the most predictable tooth decay prevention treatments is placing dental sealants on a child’s molar and premolar teeth. These teeth have chewing surfaces with deep grooves that provide great crevices for bacteria to get caught up in and begin to flourish. In placing a sealant, we apply a composite resin material that flows into the depths of these grooves and creates a barrier preventing any food or bacteria from establishing a safe-haven. The whole process will take a few minutes and requires no anesthetic, as it is 100% painless!

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Fluoride Treatments in Crete, NE

At the end of your child’s checkup, we will apply a quick fluoride treatment to their teeth, which will strengthen the enamel and greatly help to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that is found in nearly all toothpaste and in many communities, fluoride is found in tap water. However, the fluoride varnish we use is highly concentrated and effective in targeting and strengthening the teeth, making it a great addition to fluoride that most individuals are already getting outside of the dental office.

Why Precision Dental is Your Choice for Children’s Dentistry in Crete

Choosing Precision Dental means trusting a team deeply committed to the dental well-being of your favorite young smile. Our staff is trained to cater to the specific needs of children, ensuring a safe, welcoming, and comprehensive visit every time.

Looking for a compassionate children’s dentist in Crete, NE? Contact Precision Dental today to schedule your child’s next dental visit!

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